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Garmin Force Trolling Motor Reviewnewport vessels l-series transom mounted electric trolling motor

GarminForce Trolling Motor

Minn KotaEndura C2 Transom-Mount Trolling Motor

Newport VesselsL-Series Transom Mount Electric Trolling Motor

HaswingBlack 12V Bow Mount Trolling Motor

GoPlusElectric Freshwater Trolling Motor

Water Compatibility: Freshwater, saltwater, and brackishWater Compatibility: Freshwater onlyWater Compatibility: Freshwater, saltwater, and brackishWater Compatibility: Freshwater and saltwaterWater Compatibility: Freshwater, saltwater*, brackish*
Thrust: 80 lbs., 100 lbs.Thrust: Maximum thrust 30-55 lbs. depending on the modelThrust: 62 lbs; 86 lbsThrust: 55 lbs., 80 lbs.Thrust: 46/55 lbs / 86 lbs
Voltage: 24 V / 36 VVoltage: 12 voltVoltage: 12 V (62 lbs); 24 V (86 lbs)Voltage: 12-volt, 24-voltVoltage: 12 V (46/55 lbs) / 24 V (86 lbs)
Mount Type: BowMount Type: Transom mountMount Type: TransomMount Type: Bow mountMount Type: Transom
Control Type: Wireless foot pedal; handheld remoteControl Type: HandControl Type: Hand-steerControl Type: Wireless hand control, foot control (additional cost)Control Type: Hand-steer
Speed Control: 20 power settingsSpeed Control: 5 forward speeds, 3 reverse speedsSpeed Control: 5 forward; 3 reverseSpeed Control: Forward/reverse electronic direct variable adjustmentSpeed Control: 5 forward; 3 reverse
Shaft Material: FiberglassShaft Material: indestructible composite shaftShaft Material: FiberglassShaft Material: Cast aluminumShaft Material: Fiberglass

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