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Best Transom Mounted Trolling Motors 2024

Minn Kota Endura C2 Transom-Mount Trolling Motor Newport Vessels L-Series Transom Mount Electric Trolling Motor Watersnake Asp Saltwater Trolling Motor
Water Compatibility: Freshwater only Water Compatibility: Freshwater, saltwater, and brackish Water Compatibility: Saltwater
Thrust: Maximum thrust 30-55 lbs. depending on the model Thrust: 62 lbs; 86 lbs Thrust: 18 lbs / 24 lbs
Voltage: 12 volt Voltage: 12 V (62 lbs); 24 V (86 lbs) Voltage: 12 V
Speed Control: 5 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds Speed Control: 5 forward; 3 reverse Speed Control: 2-forward, 2-reverse (low/high)
Control Type: Hand Control Type: Hand-steer Control Type: Hand-tiller
Mount Type: Transom mount Mount Type: Transom Mount Type: Transom/Kayak
Shaft Length: 30", 36", 42" Shaft Length: 40” Shaft Length: 24"
Shaft Material: indestructible composite shaft Shaft Material: Fiberglass Shaft Material: Alloy
Propeller Type: Power prop (includes washer, nut, and prop pin) Propeller Type: 3 Blade (large) Propeller Type: 2-blade
Battery Capacity: 110AH recommended Battery Capacity: Variable (50+ Ah recommended) Battery Capacity: Varies
Maximum Amp Draw: 30-52 amps/hour, depending on the model Maximum Amp Draw: 58A (62 lbs); 48A (86 lbs) Maximum Amp Draw: 15A / 20A
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty on composite shaft; limited two-year warranty on entire product Warranty: 2-year limited warranty Warranty: 1-year
Spot Lock: No Spot Lock: No Spot Lock: No
Fish Finder Connectivity: No Fish Finder Connectivity: None Fish Finder Connectivity: No
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Minn Kota Endura C2

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The Minn Kota Endura C2 excels at transom mounting thanks to its sturdy bracket design and composite locking pins. This eliminates vibration, slippage, and wandering alignment issues common with lesser mounts.

The low-profile mounting fits snugly to the transom for a tight motor-hull connection that maximizes thrust transfer and steering precision. It remains locked in even when stowing and deploying in rough seas that would compromise flimsier mounts.

Minn Kota's integrated twist-lock adjustment system on the Endura C2's bracket also makes it easy to ensure ideal alignment with just a simple quarter-turn of the mount. This thoughtful design surpasses competitors focused merely on keeping the motor attached rather than optimizing the critical motor-transom interface.

Simply put, no other brand approaches Minn Kota's well-engineered mounting stability for keeping your transom trolling motor firmly aligned for optimal thrust and control.

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Newport Vessels L-series

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The Best Trolling Motor For:


When evaluating power against unit weight, the Newport Vessels Saltwater motor dominates thanks to its impressive thrust from an ultra-light package. At just 10.6 pounds total including the battery, it provides 30 or 40 pounds of thrust.

This thrust-to-weight efficiency comes from Newport's custom composite prop design that makes the most of the motor's power output. The 30-pound model can effectively move 1000+ pound vessels with ease despite its tiny size.

The Saltwater motor's incredible power-to-weight ratio allows using ample thrust for small boats without overburdening the transom with excessive weight. It epitomizes the essence of a lightweight transom trolling motor.

If your priority is maximizing thrust while minimizing weight on your transom, the Newport Vessels Saltwater trolling motor delivers.

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Watersnake ASP

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The Best Trolling Motor For:


The Watersnake ASP saltwater trolling motor makes steering and speed control effortless with its well-designed hand tiller. The handle grip rotates 360 degrees for comfortable steering from any angle.

The integrated twist throttle provides excellent responsiveness for dialing in speeds smoothly across the RPM range. The convenient wrist lanyard keeps the tiller secure in hand without interfering with operation.

The Saltwater ASP requires no tools for tilt angle adjustment and locks in place securely. Thoughtful details like an integrated weed cutting blade optimize convenience. For tiller control implementing simplicity and ergonomics, it's hard to beat the Watersnake ASP.

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Things to Consider

Find out things you should look for when buying a Trolling Motor...
Minnkota PowerDrive Trolling Motor

How to Choose the Best Transom Mount Trolling Motor

Transom mounted trolling motors offer simplified installation, balanced weight distribution, and streamlined operation. But picking the ideal transom trolling motor for your boat takes careful evaluation of critical factors.

Secure Mounting

Stable mounting is paramount for a transom trolling motor to perform properly. The motor must connect firmly to prevent wandering alignment and maximize thrust transfer efficiency.

Look for rugged composite locking pins paired with a thick mounting bracket that eliminates vibration and slippage when tightened down. Avoid cheap mounts that easily shake loose or allow the motor to twist out of position.

Low profile mounting that hugs the transom close also enhances stability. Test-run mounting stability prior to purchasing. Quality transom mounts stay locked in position despite bumps and vibration.

Impressive Thrust-to-Weight Ratio

Transom trolling motors must balance ample thrust with a lightweight build since excess weight strains your transom over time.

Seeking out motors with custom composite props, high-efficiency power systems, and lightweight composite bodies optimizes the all-important power-to-weight ratio.

The ideal transom trolling motor provides sufficient thrust to move your boat efficiently without over-burdening your transom with avoidable heft. But don't compromise on adequate thrust capacity to avoid struggling to push your boat.

Ergonomic Control Options

The steering and speed control mechanism has a huge impact on long-term usability. Hand tillers must allow comfortable grip adjustment and intuitive handling from either side of the motor.

Look for thoughtful ergonomic features like rotating handles, padded grips, thumb buttons to lock in settings, and single-hand operation at any angle. Avoid basic, clunky tiller arm designs that quickly lead to fatigue.

Don't settle for compromised control convenience - seek out purpose-built ergonomic tiller engineering tailored for transom trolling motors. This ensures joyful hours of easy steering instead of wrist strain.

Additional Transom Trolling Motor Considerations

Wireless remote integration for supplementary controlNoise level - Critical for quieter fishingComposite shaft durabilityWeedless propellers that shed vegetationBattery size and compatibilityPrice - Balance value against performance

The Bottom Line

When selecting a transom mounted trolling motor, carefully evaluate stability, balanced power-to-weight, thoughtful ergonomics, and purpose-built design. Never compromise on quality transom mounting.

Take time to test motor operation prior to purchase. Invest in a well-designed transom trolling motor matched to your boat for heightened adventure and easy handling on the water.

Transom Mounted Trolling Motor FAQs

How do transom and bow mounted trolling motors compare?

Transom mounted trolling motors offer easier installation by directly attaching to the boat's stern. This also distributes weight rearwards for balanced trim. However, transom mounts position the motor behind the boat which reduces forward thrust and maneuverability compared to bow mounts. Evaluate your particular boat's weight distribution, typical fishing approach, and speed needs when choosing between simplified transom mounting or enhanced performance from bow mounting.

What transom trolling motors work with a kayak?

When pairing a trolling motor with a kayak, compact and lightweight transom motors are ideal. Models such as the Newport Vessels Saltwater offer ample 30-40 lb thrust in a 10 lb package perfect for kayaks. Avoid oversized motors with excessive thrust that will overpower a small kayak. Also critical is selecting a trolling motor with a low-profile transom mounting bracket. This leads to better stability when mounted on a kayak compared to taller brackets. Carefully match your kayak's size and intended fishing approach when selecting an appropriately sized transom trolling motor.

What battery setup works best for transom trolling motors?

Smaller 12 or 24 volt deep cycle marine batteries are best suited for powering transom mounted trolling motors. Run the wiring directly from the battery or utilize a rear battery box mount to simplify installation. Larger bow mounted trolling motors often require 36 volts or more of power by wiring multiple batteries together. No matter the battery setup, properly fuse all wiring to prevent short circuits. Isolate the trolling motor battery from other systems using a switch or breaker. Charging the battery separately avoids over-drain. Match your battery capacity and voltage to the trolling motor's power demands for optimal runtime.

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