The Best Fish Finders 2021

Choosing the right product for you in a sea of fish finders can be quite the task. It's often hard to know what to look for exactly. To make the decision an easier one, we've put together a list which will save everyone precious time, time that's better spent out on the water.

Lots of people tend to argue over their favorite device and create confusion, but our reviews will set the record state. In any case, you should start by setting a budget which will narrow down your search.

Best Overall Fish Finders for Your Money

garmin uhd 73cvLowrance Elite-9 Ti²garmin striker plus 5cv fish finderhawkeye fishtrax 1C portableHumminbird SOLIX 10

GarminECHOMAP UHD 73cv

LowranceElite-9 Ti²

GarminSTRIKER Plus 5cv

HawkEyeFishTrax 1C Color Handheld

HumminbirdSOLIX 10

Screen Size: N/AScreen Size: N/AScreen Size: 5"Screen Size: 2” x 1.6”Screen Size: 10.1”
Resolution: N/AResolution: N/AResolution: 800 x 480 pixelsResolution: N/AResolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
Imaging: ClearVu 200 ftImaging: 300 ft max (300 feet down, 150 per side)Imaging: ClearVüImaging: N/AImaging: Down Imaging: 125 ft (800 kHz), 250 ft (MEGA), 400 ft (455 kHz); Side Imaging (Side to side): 250 ft (800 kHz), 500 ft (MEGA), 800 ft (455 kHz)
Max Depth: 2,300 max*Max Depth: 1000 ft max*Max Depth: 750 ftMax Depth: N/AMax Depth: 1,200 ft (standard transducer); 3,500 ft (optional Airmar CHIRP)
Transducer: GT24UHD-TMTransducer: Active Imaging 3-in-1Transducer: GT20-TMTransducer: FishTrax™ Intelligent Sonar Transducer: XM 14 HW MSI T
Transmit Power: N/ATransmit Power: N/ATransmit Power: N/ATransmit Power: N/ATransmit Power: N/A
Frequency: 77 kHz, CHIRP High Wide (150-240 kHz); UHD ClearVü CHIRP 800 kHz (760-880 kHz)Frequency: 83/200 (Mid/High CHIRP), 455/800 (SideScan/DownScan)Frequency: Traditional: 50/77/200 kHz, ClearVü: 260/455/800 kHzFrequency: 83/200 kHzFrequency: 50/83/200/455/800 kHz & 1.2 MHz

GPS Combo Fish Finders

Fish finders with GPS are valuable tools that every angler should have in his collection of gear. If put to use the right way, these little devices can make a big difference during any fishing trip. With one, you can be sure that each moment spent casting off will maximize the chances of catching fish.

These devices aren't only good for spotting fish, but also excellent tools for understanding the behavior of fish. To help you pick one, we made GPS fish finder reviews for five of the best ones in our opinion.

Top Rated GPS Combo Fish Finders

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Ice Fishing Fish Finders

With ice fishing becoming more and more popular, there are lots of options on the market right now to choose from. How do you know which one you really need? With ice fishing, since you don't fish on a boat, you don't really need a fish finder that mounts to one. For the most part, the portable fish finders are more than acceptable to use however there are specific fish finders made for ice fishing. In this post we will review some of the top ice fishing fish finders/ice fishing flasher/sonar unit(s), and provide you with information on where to purchase them.

Top Rated Ice Fishing Fish Finders

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Portable Fish Finders

With technology becoming cheaper with each passing day, it's no wonder people want to get their hands on portable fish finders. Sometimes it can be hard or even impossible to mount a conventional fish finder on a small boat. Other than that, there might be no easy way to install a display or transducer. Manufacturers of fish finders have caught onto these problems, and are offering a whole range of products as a solution. That's why we have made portable fish finder reviews for five of the best devices on the market.

Top Rated Portable Fish Finders

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Kayak Fish Finders

Fishing from a kayak is growing in popularity each year. Many people find themselves hooked after just one try. There're many different reasons why this way of fishing is so enticing. Among others, kayaks offer mobility, a chance for exercise and can get to places bigger vessels cannot. Wanting to get you into the water as soon as possible, we've come up with our list of <a href="">best fish finders</a> for kayaks. They have a lot of useful features and will prove valuable to every angler that likes to fish on a kayak.

Top Rated Kayak Fish Finders

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Benefits of Fish Finders

There are many advantages to a fish finder.

  • They are the best choice for a fisherman who requires a mobile device and options when fishing.
  • These units can pack away into a tackle box and cast off from many different locations.
  • These units are usually cheaper and smaller than mounted devices but offer lots of value for the price.
  • A lot of them are used with a phone or a tablet by way of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Things to Consider

Find out things you should look for when buying a fish finder...


ice fishing sonar


We hope that these reviews will be a valuable resource in choosing the best device for you and help you choose a fish finder you need. Whether you're going to be casting off from the shore, into holes in the ice, or using a kayak, these units will prove useful. A proper depth finder with sonar technology is sure to make your fishing trip successful.

There are many fish finder options available with affordable price tags. They are all easy to use but have distinct drawbacks and advantages. That's why you should choose the best fish finder for your needs. If you're more comfortable with buying and using a portable sonar fish finder after reading our articles, then we have been successful.

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