GPS Combo Fish Finders

Top Rated GPS Combo Fish Finders

Fish finders with GPS are valuable tools that every angler should have in his collection of gear. If put to use the right way, these little devices can make a big difference during any fishing trip. With one, you can be sure that each moment spent casting off will maximize the chances of catching fish.

These devices aren’t only good for spotting fish, but also excellent tools for understanding the behavior of fish. To help you pick one, we made GPS fish finder reviews for five of the best ones in our opinion.

Our Top GPS Combo Fish Finder Picks

garmin uhd 73cvgarmin striker plus 5cv fish finderHumminbird SOLIX 10Raymarine Axiom 7garmin echomap uhd 63sv

GarminECHOMAP UHD 73cv

GarminSTRIKER Plus 5cv

HumminbirdSOLIX 10

RaymarineAxiom 7 Review

GarminECHOMAP UHD 63cv

Screen Size: N/AScreen Size: 5"Screen Size: 10.1”Screen Size: 7Screen Size: 6"
Resolution: N/AResolution: 800 x 480 pixelsResolution: 1280 x 800 pixelsResolution: 800 x 480 WVGAResolution: 480 x 800 pixels
Imaging: ClearVu 200 ftImaging: ClearVüImaging: Down Imaging: 125 ft (800 kHz), 250 ft (MEGA), 400 ft (455 kHz); Side Imaging (Side to side): 250 ft (800 kHz), 500 ft (MEGA), 800 ft (455 kHz)Imaging: DownVision: 600 feet; SideVision: 300 feet; RealVision: 300 feetImaging: UHD ClearVü 200 ft.
Max Depth: 2,300 max*Max Depth: 750 ftMax Depth: 1,200 ft (standard transducer); 3,500 ft (optional Airmar CHIRP)Max Depth: 900 ftMax Depth: 800 ft.
Transducer: GT24UHD-TMTransducer: GT20-TMTransducer: XM 14 HW MSI TTransducer: RV-100*Transducer: GT24UHD-TM
Transmit Power: N/ATransmit Power: N/ATransmit Power: N/ATransmit Power: N/ATransmit Power: N/A
Frequency: 77 kHz, CHIRP High Wide (150-240 kHz); UHD ClearVü CHIRP 800 kHz (760-880 kHz)Frequency: Traditional: 50/77/200 kHz, ClearVü: 260/455/800 kHzFrequency: 50/83/200/455/800 kHz & 1.2 MHzFrequency: CHIRP 50/200; DownVision/SideVision/RealVision 350 kHz (320-380 kHz)Frequency: CHIRP: 150-240 kHz; ClearVü: 800 kHz (790-850 kHz)

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Benefits of GPS Combo Fish Finders

If you are on the fence about using GPS fish finders, you should know they offer many advantages, whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned veteran when it comes to fishing.

  • You can use these units to chart fishing hot spots.
  • By using GPS, you can plot the bottom structure.
  • Additionally, waypoints and navigation on GPS fish finders can help you track and reach all your favorite spots.
  • Mapping software lets you explore new areas without the fear of getting lost.

But those are just some of the wonderful capabilities these devices offer.


Having a fish finder GPS combo with you when on the water expands the possibilities of catching fish. It’s a must have for any true angler and his boat. If what you need is both a fish finder and a GPS, then you might as well get a device that has both. With this technology, you can develop new approaches to an age-old pursuit. This incredible tool offers so much but takes so little space compared to other equipment. Once you try a GPS fish finder, you’ll never want to be without one.

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