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Most Powerful Trolling Motors 2024

Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Garmin Force Trolling Motor MotorGuide Xi5 Trolling Motor
Water Compatibility: Saltwater Water Compatibility: Freshwater, saltwater, and brackish Water Compatibility: Freshwater or Saltwater
Thrust: 80 lbs / 112 lbs Thrust: 80 lbs., 100 lbs. Thrust: 55 lbs / 80 lbs / 105 lbs
Voltage: 24V / 36V Voltage: 24 V / 36 V Voltage: 12V
Speed Control: Variable Speed Control: 20 power settings Speed Control: Variable
Control Type: Foot pedal/i-Pilot wireless remote/app Control Type: Wireless foot pedal; handheld remote Control Type: Wireless foot pedal (heel-toe) or wireless remote
Mount Type: Bow Mount Type: Bow Mount Type: Bow
Shaft Length: 54" / 60" / 72" Shaft Length: 50", 57" Shaft Length: 45" / 48" / 54" / 60" / 72"
Shaft Material: Composite Shaft Material: Fiberglass Shaft Material: Composite
Propeller Type: Weedless Wedge 2 Propeller Type: Garmin High-Efficiency Propeller (2 blades) Propeller Type: 2-blade Safari Propeller/3-Blade Machete Propeller
Battery Capacity: N/A Battery Capacity: Dependent on usage Battery Capacity: N/A
Maximum Amp Draw: 52A / 56A Maximum Amp Draw: 57 amps, 54 amps Maximum Amp Draw: 41A / 52A / 56A
Warranty: 2-years - lifetime for shaft Warranty: 3-year warranty; limited lifetime warranty on the shaft Warranty: 2-years - lifetime for shaft
Spot Lock: Yes Spot Lock: Yes Spot Lock: Yes (PinPoint GPS anchor)
Fish Finder Connectivity: Yes (through i-Pilot Link and One-Boat Network) Fish Finder Connectivity: Yes Fish Finder Connectivity: Yes
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Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra

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With best-in-class maximum thrusts up to 112 pounds, the Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra has the brute strength to drive the biggest boats. Even into heavy winds and current, the Ulterra powers through.

It delivers incredible torque thanks to Minn Kota's high-efficiency composite shaft and optimized prop design that maximize thrust utilization. Simply put, no other trolling motor can match the Riptide Ulterra's combination of strength and pushing force.

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Garmin Force

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The Best Trolling Motor For:


Garmin revolutionized trolling motor performance by pioneering the use of high-torque brushless motors in the Force. This advanced technology delivers relentless torque across the RPM range.

The brushless advantage also makes the Force extremely efficient - you get more relentless power out of each amp-hour of your battery. Backed by robust build quality, the Force dominates when it comes to sheer unrelenting torque.

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MotorGuide XI5

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While the XI5 can't match the top-end torque of brushless models, it stands out for speed. Its redesigned prop enables hitting higher peak speeds to get your boat on plane faster.

A key contributor to speed is the XI5's excellent electrical efficiency, even at high RPMs. This keeps voltage steady. Optimized software also ensures responsiveness as speed increases. For the thrill of speed, the XI5 delivers.

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Things to Consider

Find out things you should look for when buying a Trolling Motor...
Minnkota PowerDrive Trolling Motor

How to Choose the Most Powerful Trolling Motor

For hardcore boaters seeking the ultimate in speed and power, raw performance is exhilarating. But finding the ideal blend of power, torque, speed, and efficiency takes carefully evaluating critical factors.

Thrust determines how much weight your boat can pull and overcome. But seek out torque for acceleration, efficiency for battery life, and high RPM output for speed. Construction must be robust to handle the forces.

Consider battery needs, motor weight for stability, cooling systems, digital controls for precision, and long warranties given extreme demands. Powerful trolling motors squeeze every bit of juice from high-capacity batteries.

Do your homework to ensure the motor excels specifically in the performance parameters you prioritize most. Pure power comes at a price, so ensure your choice aligns with how you boat.

Maximum Thrust

More thrust enables planning heavier boats fast and powering through anything. Seek out motors with max thrusts of 100-112 pounds to drive large vessels.

Leading-edge props and composite shafts transfer every ounce of thrust efficiently. Consider sizing up to ensure ample brawn in all conditions.

But avoid far exceeding your boat's needs, as too much thrust can make steering overly sensitive. Carefully match true thrust requirements.

High-Torque Performance

Torque determines pulling power and acceleration. New brushless motors like the Garmin Force deliver relentless, high-efficiency torque across the RPM band.

Top-end composite shafts and optimized lower units also maximize torque utilization. This enables turning raw power into real-world speed and pulling capacity.

Seek out cutting-edge torque technology along with purpose-built mechanical designs that unlock torque's potential.

Speed and Efficiency

While torque drives acceleration, top speed enables rapid planing and downstream runs. Well-engineered props play a key role in maximizing pace.

Efficient power systems like Minn Kota's Ultra High Efficiency deliver the juice needed for speed while minimizing battery drain. This sustains velocity run after run.

When shopping for high-speed performance, inspect real-world speed test results and seek out purpose-built speed prop designs.

Additional Trolling Motor Factor Considerations

  •  Battery requirements - More thrust needs more battery capacity
  • Motor weight - Heavier models handle torque better
  • Cooling - Heat sinks and fans prevent overheating
  • Digital vs. analog - Digital provides better high-end power control
  • Warranty - At least 3 years of coverage for reliability

The Bottom Line

Choosing a high-power trolling motor opens up new possibilities for pulling skiers, tubers, wakeboarders, and more. Nothing replaces the rush of torque, speed, and thrust pushing your boat's limits.

But carefully match true power and performance needs to avoid overkill. Prioritize either brute thrust, extreme torque, or max speed based on your boating style. Back it up with robust construction and power-hungry batteries.

With the right power-packed trolling motor matched to your boat, the fun goes to a whole new level out on the water.

Electric Trolling Motor FAQs

How much thrust is needed for watersports like wakeboarding or tubing?

For towing watersports, look for trolling motors rated for at least 80 pounds of thrust, though 100+ is better for larger boats and multiple riders. The high thrust allows reaching and maintaining sufficient speed to get participants up on plane. High-torque brushless motors also provide the relentless pulling power needed for tow sports. Match the heavy thrust required to the number of people and the boat's size and weight capacity when selecting your trolling motor.

How is motor weight important for powerful trolling motors?

Heavier trolling motors handle high thrust and torque levels better since their mass helps stabilize the unit. Excessive torque can make lightweight motors unstable at higher speeds. Look for motor weights of at least 60-70 lbs for the largest motors. The additional weight also improves balance on larger boats. Just ensure the mount is up to the task of handling a heavy motor during trailering and rough water.

What battery setup do powerful trolling motors need?

Powerful trolling motors demand high-capacity 24v or 36v marine batteries to supply maximum juice. Wire two 12V batteries in series for 24V, or three in series for 36V configurations. Use deep cycle batteries with at least 100Ah ratings. Larger boats may need multiple 100Ah batteries wired in parallel to provide sufficient runtime at high power. Properly fuse all connections and isolate the trolling motor battery from other systems. Recharge batteries immediately after heavy use to maintain performance.

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