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How To Wire a 24V Trolling Motor

Unveiling the Secrets: Learn How to Wire a 24V Trolling Motor like a pro. Expert guidance for setting up your boat's optimal performance on the water.
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Fishing Tips for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide

These fishing tips for beginners will set you on the right path to catch your dream fish. Learn more by reading this blog post.
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What size trolling motor do I need?

Choosing the Right Trolling Motor Size: What Size Trolling Motor Do You Need? Expert Insights for Your Boat's Optimal Performance on Every Water Adventure.
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What Size Battery for my Trolling Motor

Unraveling the Mystery: What Size Battery Do You Need for Your Trolling Motor? Navigate with Confidence - Expert Insights to Maximize Performance on the Water.
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How To Fish In 2023: What You Need To Know

Want to catch your first fish? This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to catching fish in 2023. We cover equipment, technique, finding fish, and more!
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Guide to Packing for a Fishing Trip

Fishing Equipment Having the right fishing gear is crucial for a successful trip. Here are the key items to pack: Rods, Reels, and Tackle Pack your favorite rods and reels for the type of fishing you'll be doing. Bring a variety of tackle like: - Extra line and leaders suited for the target fish - […]
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How To Ice Fish For Perch

Ice fishing for Perch is both challenging and rewarding. Learn the rigs, baits, and techniques you’ll need to succeed—read this.
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How To Ice Fish For Pike

Deciding to try your hand at ice fishing? Northern Pike are the most common fish you can find while on the ice. Read more about how to catch them.
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How To Ice Fish For Walleye

Are you looking to step up your fishing experience? Learn more about how to ice fish for Walleye when you read our how-to guide. Click here for more.
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How To Install A Fish Finder

Don’t want to pay someone to install your new fish finder? You don’t have to. Read our guide, and install your fish finder yourself!
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