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Tips For More Success With Your Fish Finder

Fish finders are among the most powerful tools anglers have for catching more fish. High-end fish finders can give you information about bottom structure, can guide you to the best fishing spots, and, of course, can show you how and where fish are moving underwater.   Many fish finders are almost plug-and-play – that is […]

Temperature & Depth Gauges

Knowledge is power. When you know the temperature and depth of the water you’re fishing, it makes it easier to know which fish you’re likely to catch, what bait you should use to catch them, and what behaviours you should expect of them.   That makes temperature and depth two of the most important pieces […]

What Does CHIRP Mean On A Fish Finder?

Modern fish finders are full of incredible technology. When shopping around for a new fish finder, you might notice that a lot of them have CHIRP sonar. What does this mean? Will your fish finder suddenly start making bird sounds? Is it a dual fish/bird finder?    Nothing of the sort, but I applaud your […]

Are Fish Finders & Depth Finders The Same?

We know you love fishing, but you probably don’t want to fish through this whole article for the answer to your question. We won’t try some hook and bait tactics – we’re going to answer your question right now. Fish finders and depth finders are not the same. Depth finders are for finding depth. Fish […]

What’s Better: Down Imaging Or Side Imaging?

Imaging technology is probably the biggest advance in fish finding since CHIRP sonar. Many anglers ask themselves whether down imaging or side imaging is best for the one goal they all have in mind: catching more fish.   The answer is a bit surprising – to understand it, we’re going to take a look at […]

How to Prepare Your Fish Finder for the Winter

How to Prepare Your Fish Finder for the Winter Winter comes every year, and there is no avoiding it. For fishermen that means a few different things. First, the summer heat passes and colder days make some fish species more active before freezing temperatures arrive. Autumn can be an ideal time for going out in […]

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