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What Size Battery for my Trolling Motor

Powering your trolling motor effectively requires more than just ensuring its thrust is sufficient for your boat. One pressing question many anglers and boaters have is, "What size battery for my trolling motor?" Choosing the right battery ensures you don't run out of power when you need it most.


The Importance of the Right Battery Size

Battery size, in the context of trolling motors, often refers to the battery's capacity – essentially, how long it can keep your motor running before it needs a recharge. The correct size is vital for extended outings and ensuring your motor operates efficiently.


Factors Influencing Battery Size Choice

Motor Power

Naturally, more powerful motors require larger batteries.

Duration of Use

If you plan long trips or continuous use of the trolling motor, a larger battery may be essential.

Boat Weight and Load

Heavier boats might require the trolling motor to work harder, depleting the battery quicker.

Type of Water

Calm waters drain less battery compared to strong currents or windy conditions.


Choosing the Right Battery for Your Trolling Motor

Battery Types

Deep cycle batteries are recommended for trolling motors as they're designed for prolonged use. They come in traditional lead-acid versions or AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) types which are maintenance-free and typically last longer.

Battery Capacity

Measured in amp-hours (Ah), this tells you how much energy a battery can store. As a rough guideline:

  • A 30-46 lbs thrust trolling motor might need a battery of 50-100 Ah.
  • Motors with 55-112 lbs thrust could require batteries upwards of 100 Ah.
  • Voltage: Ensure the battery voltage matches the trolling motor’s requirement. Common voltages are 12V, 24V, or 36V.


Benefits of the Right Battery Size

Consistent Power

An adequately sized battery ensures your motor gets the steady power it needs.

Extended Trips

A right-sized battery can last longer, ensuring your boat stays powered during longer outings.

Cost Efficiency

Over time, the correct battery size can lead to fewer replacements and better motor efficiency.



Determining the right battery size for your trolling motor is crucial for optimal performance and peace of mind on the water. If you're still pondering, "What size battery for my trolling motor?", this guide aims to simplify the decision.

Still have battery-related queries or need in-depth information? Reach out or delve into our comprehensive articles for more insights!

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