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How To Wire a 24V Trolling Motor

The right setup can drastically improve your trolling motor's performance. Among the many questions boat enthusiasts often have, "How to wire a 24V trolling motor?" stands out as a crucial one. Proper wiring not only ensures optimal power but also prolongs the motor's life.


The Advantages of 24V

The 24V trolling motors offer a balance between power and efficiency. They can offer more thrust than 12V motors without requiring the bulk of a 36V system, making them popular among many boaters.


Components Needed for a 24V Setup

Two 12V Deep Cycle Batteries

These will be connected in series to provide the 24V power.

24V Trolling Motor

Ensure your motor is designed to run on 24 volts.

Proper Wiring and Connectors

Marine-grade wiring and robust connectors ensure a reliable connection.


Step-by-Step Wiring of a 24V Trolling Motor

Safety First

Disconnect all power sources and ensure your working area is dry.

Connect in Series

Link the positive terminal of one battery to the negative terminal of the second battery using a jumper wire.

Motor Connections

Connect the trolling motor's positive wire to the unused positive terminal of the first battery. Connect the motor's negative wire to the unused negative terminal on the second battery.

Secure Connections

Ensure all connections are tight and use protective covers to prevent accidental short circuits.


Tips for Maintaining a 24V Wiring System

Regular Inspections

Look for signs of corrosion, wear, or loose connections.

Clean Terminals

Use a baking soda solution to keep battery terminals clean.

Use Marine-Grade Components

These resist corrosion better than regular parts.



Knowing how to wire a 24V trolling motor correctly ensures a smooth, powerful boating experience. This guide is your go-to resource, simplifying the process and answering the pivotal question: "How to wire a 24V trolling motor?"

For deeper insights or if you encounter unique challenges, feel free to delve into our extensive guides or reach out for assistance.

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