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GoPlus Electric Freshwater Trolling Motor

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The Goplus Electric Trolling Motor is one of those surprises you find once and awhile in the review game: A powerful motor that’s easy to install and simple to use, made by a relatively unknown company. 

Anglers who have never used a trolling motor before will love this thing—it provides excellent power and adjustability and an incredibly low cost. Even fishing pros will appreciate this quiet motor—it’s got quite a kick, too.


  • Excellent power
  • Unbeatable price
  • Incredibly easy to install and use
  • Easy-to-read battery meter


  • Not the most durable construction
  • Despite the manufacturer’s recommendations, we’d say it’s freshwater only
  • Customer service is less-than-impressive

Technical Specifications

Water CompatibilityFreshwater, saltwater*, brackish*
Thrust46/55 lbs / 86 lbs
Voltage12 V (46/55 lbs) / 24 V (86 lbs)
Speed Control5 forward; 3 reverse
Control TypeHand-steer
Mount TypeTransom
Shaft Length36”
Shaft MaterialFiberglass
Propeller Type2-blade
Battery CapacityVariable
Maximum Amp Draw50 Amp
Warranty90 days
Spot LockNo
Fish Finder ConnectivityNo


Installing the Goplus Electric Motor is a breeze. This is a transom-mounted motor—to mount it, all you need to do is place the adjustable clamp onto your boat’s transom, then tighten the clamps to secure it into place.

One of the advantages of the Goplus Trolling Motor is how easy it is to adjust, even once it’s installed. There’s an adjustable shaft—you can use the built-in knob to adjust the angle of the shaft, and there’s a fixed ring to keep everything in place. You can loosen this ring and move the adjustable shaft up and down with ease, then tighten it once you’ve reached the appropriate depth.

Like all trolling motors, there’s a bit of technical know-how required—you’ll need to wire a circuit breaker and a battery (a 12 volt or two 12 volts in tandem, depending on the thrust), and you’ll need to assemble the motor when it arrives. The Owner’s Manual that ships with the trolling motor will help. 

Using the Trolling Motor

One of the biggest perks of the Goplus Electric Trolling Motor is its simplicity. There’s an adjustable telescopic handle. Rotate the handle clockwise to move your boat forward—rotate it counter-clockwise to move your boat backwards. It’s as simple as that!

This trolling motor offers 8 speeds—five forward speeds and three reverse speeds. The forward speeds and reverse speeds both offer quite a kick on an appropriately sized boat—these are powerful motors, despite only having two blades. Brace yourself! You’re in for a fast ride.

The ease with which you can toggle between different speeds and the ability to adjust depth and angle on the fly make the Goplus Electric Trolling Motor an absolute breeze to use. Most customers rave about its simplicity, and we do too—steering is easy, controlling your speed is effortless, and checking battery life is simple.

What makes checking battery life so easy? The LED battery indicator on top of the motor! With this battery indicator, it’s easy to know exactly how much juice is left in your battery, so you can swap to a new battery or (if you have to) head back to shore. 

Comparable Trolling Motors 

Newport Vessels L Series: The most obvious comparison to the Goplus Electric Trolling Motor is the Newport Vessels L Series Trolling Motor. Both are made by lesser-known companies, and both trolling motors offer powerful, quiet trolling motors. 

We prefer the construction on the Newport L Series—it feels a bit more durable, and the motor has 3 blades. Newport does not, however, offer a 46 lbs model, and its motors are a bit pricier.

Minn Kota Endura: The Minn Kota Endura offers durable construction, a name brand you trust, and 13 speeds, as well as a power prop to get through vegetation. This is easily one of the best lower-cost trolling motors on the market—but it’s quite a bit more expensive than the Goplus Trolling Motor.

What Sets the Goplus Apart

  • Price: The Goplus Trolling Motor is perhaps the least expensive trolling motor on the market in its class. Despite this low cost, the trolling motor is quite powerful and very quiet. 
  • Ease of use: The Goplus Trolling Motor is both easy to install and simple to operate, making it a breeze to use for anglers who are new to trolling motors but want to equip their boat with one for their next fishing trip. 

Other Features

  • Battery indicator: The battery indicator is straightforward to read, and you’ll always know when your battery is running low on juice.

There aren’t a lot of extra features to boast about here—but that’s a huge advantage. No bells and whistles make this a solid, inexpensive trolling motor. 


This is, without a doubt, the best trolling motor you can get at the price point. We’re thrilled that trolling motors have become so affordable, and the Goplus Electric Trolling Motor is the least expensive of the bunch.

One warning, though—the customer service isn’t the greatest, and there have been complaints about delays in shipping. It had to cut costs somewhere, though, and in our books, the Goplus Electric Trolling Motor is still absolutely worthwhile.


How long does the battery last on a single charge? 

The motor doesn’t come with a battery, so this depends on a number of different factors:

  • The type of battery you’re using
  • The speed and frequency at which you use the motor
  • The weather conditions when you use your motor
  • And more

What type of battery is recommended for use with this trolling motor?

We recommend using deep-cycle batteries—12 V for the lower thrust models and 24 V for the 86 lbs model. 


Does the trolling motor come with a mounting kit, or is it sold separately?

The motor comes with a mounting clamp—it’s extremely easy to use, and that’s one of the biggest benefits of this motor. 


How does the trolling motor perform in windy or choppy conditions?

We’ve had no problem in windy or choppy conditions, and the two-blade motor almost never gets caught on weeds. 


Is the Goplus Electric Freshwater Trolling Motor saltwater-safe?

According to the manufacturer, it’s saltwater-safe. We’d say it’s saltwater capable but that the salt will quickly erode the motor. We’d stick with fresh water.

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